Please note, your babies were our babies first and we offer Lifetime Support to you regarding the hedgehog (s) in your care. We work with other breeders and members of the hedgehog community to offer you the support and guidance you need to best care for your baby with confidence.  

Please note, in order for the Health Guarantees and the WHS Warranty to be honored, all veterinary records must be provided to Prickly Pet Parents. We require a necropsy, at the owner's expense, and full necropsy report including a picture of the deceased hedgehog along with identifying characteristics such as color, markings, patterns, etc. Please note that WHS is a progressive disease and can ONLY be diagnosed through necropsy. If your hedgehog suddenly becomes wobbly overnight, please bring them immediately to an experienced exotic veterinarian as there are many reasons why a hedgehog can display this behavior. It is of the utmost importance you seek emergency assistance for them. 

If you at any time and for any reason decide you are no longer able to care for your hedgehog, we will always receive our hedgehogs back home. Please contact us prior to re-homing or adopting your hedgehog to another owner/family as we want to assist you and your hedgehog during this process. In order for their Health Guarantees and WHS Warranty to carry over to the new owner, Prickly Pet Parents must approve the new owner in writing.

We became a pedigreed breeder so that we could ensure we are breeding only the best hedgehogs for the hedgehog community. This includes breeding hedgehogs for temperament and health. If there are any health conditions discovered throughout your hedgehog's life, please inform us as it is crucial for us to maintain a strict healthy and happy breeding program. 


Prickly Pet Parents